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About Me

Creative. Professional. Warm. Perfectionist. Outgoing. I am an experienced, gifted  freelance make up artist serving the Hampton Roads  community.  After becoming a rising star in the Tidewater theater community with the Hurrah Players, I quickly discovered the need for a talented, flexible make up artist in the area.  


 I was always an artistic child growing up. I started by drawing simple cartoons or portraits, and then branched out onto bigger canvases. It wasn't until high school, in a theatre production, that i realized makeup is just another medium and the canvas was the face. And that's when my LOVE of makeup started. I absolutely enjoyed the thought of transforming someones face into a beautiful piece of art. Little did I know that this would be my future career... 


I Have Been a Makeup Artist for about 8 years now. Was a Makeup Director for a Theater Company, and Went to Miss Va and Miss United States. I have worked for Sephora and Mac,where im currently working. I have done makeup for Fashion Shows, Weddings, Photoshoots, Events, numerous community and professional theater companies, and many more. 


"My "Style" as a Makeup Artist- I have a lot of personality! and it definitely shows in my work. I love creating simple beautiful looks. The Natural look is one of the looks im known for, but im also really artsy and love to play with different looks. From Simple to Bold is how i roll. "







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