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All of the prices below are approximate. The exact price will be included in your contract e-mail after booking an appointment. If you have any questions about prices, please contact me.

Wedding Consultations
Bride $35
Maid of Honor/Bridemaid $25 per each 
(optional, but suggested)

This is when the bride and any bridesmaids and I sit down and dicuss what type of look you want for the big day.


I do a trial run with the information you've given me and we see how long it lasts and how well you enjoy the look. Feel free to bring in any pictures to make refrences to. 

Bride $100
Maid of Honor/Bridemaid $65
Any additional family member/friends $50
*Hairdressers are available for an additional fee.

On the big day, with all of the stress and nervousness you'll be feeling, this will be a time to relax and have fun with your bridal party. 


After I've finished the last client, I am happy to stay with you throughout the ceremony and reception to apply touchups to any clients ($50/hour for all clients).



Makeup Lessons
1-10 people: $55 per person/1 hour
11 and more: $45 per person/1 hour
Minimum of 2 hours required for more than 5 people, and minumum of 3 hours for more than 11 people.

Learn how to accomplish the looks and techniques you've always wanted in this personalized lesson. 


Each person gets half makeup applied by me, and then they try the other half with my help and instruction. At the end of the lesson, clients will go home with a custom face chart and better knowledge about how to take care of their skin to achieve better makeup results. 

Formal Events   $50+

Whether it be prom, a birthday, or a special night out, I will apply makeup that will make you look elegant and classy. Say bye to blimishes and hello to many compliments. *Hairdressers are available for an additional fee


Special FX  $60+

Let me create your dream of being a zombie or monster with latex, blood, and more. 


You'll be the talk of your event.


Other Services

Eyelashes $8*

Airbrush $30+*

Touchups $50/hr*

Tattoo Coverup $25*

Facepaint $70/hr


All services with * indicate that it is an add-on to a makeup application.





$50 per look

Look professional with this makeup application that will help show the real you to potential employers or clients. Also, great for family portraits! *Hairdressers are available for an additional fee



I'll turn you into your worst nightmare!


 $ 75+

Let me give you a Crown Winning look for your pageant! Look great for interview, talent, swimsuit, and evening gown.

Book a Pageant even now.

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